Watt Now March 2022

I’m going to try doing monthly updates on my game dev work, what I plan to do for the following month. In this month, I am aiming to fix some of the issues I’ve discovered, thanks to some feedback from others who have tested my game! Thanks to Michael H and Cheeseness (cheesetalks.net) who contacted me via Discord. I’ve already fixed a few of them, but there’s still some issues remaining, like where the player can get their head stuck on ceilings.. I think I have an idea how to fix it, so I will see what I can do. After I’ve fixed those smaller issues, I will move on to the less vital but still important features to be implemented for the release version of the game! Such as player stats, settings menus and Steam achievements. I didn’t feel those were necessary to implement before releasing a major test build. Which means, the next release to the public will likely be on Steam! We’ll see..

I will likely be planning on hosting a launch party! I’ve been to a launch party for Where the Snow Settles, by Myriad Games. It was an honour to be invited, and wonderful to see them launch the game. I will have a party too! With real beers. If you want to take part, please join my Discord server, in the links section of this website, and you will get notified when it’s on.. It will be invite only.

I have some other non-games projects I’m working on, such as a cross-platform music player, and an electronic virtual pet. I may spend some time on those this month, which might slow down my game development a little. But I am still aiming for a Steam release within 6 months from now. Likely much less than 6 months. Get excited!

I’m still very keen to work on Wizards with Rockets. I briefly had a look at Squirrel scripting the other day, for another project. I am going to be implementing scripting in the engine, so I can make scripted events, like dialog and animations in the single-player campaign. That’ll be big! But Gravity Flux comes first for now. Keen to release my first game on Steam!!!

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