What Now April 2022

Continuing the monthly updates. In What Now March 2022, I posted that I was working on mainly Gravity Flux, the settings, stats and steam achievements. I actually implemented the settings menu in the main menu, plus some other little fixes, such as more places you could get stuck in the levels. I also added support for analogue sticks! A requested feature. And some slight tweaks to the textures for side walls on the first level. And, just tonight I improved the background by adding a nice lens flare!

So for April, my list of things to do on Gravity Flux is pretty short! I am getting quite close to preparing it for a Steam release! Woo.

Some of the things left to do:

  • Player stats by colour
  • Steam achievements
  • Plus-X mod by Cheeseness (executable support for files in zip files)
  • And of course, uploading to Steam.
  • And any other little bugs I find along the way.

I don’t think I need to make another build for release, however I might test the game out with some friends with several controllers before Steam release and the launch party of course. I have played it in a much earlier version, and it was fun, but it’s probably a good idea to play it again in it’s virtually-complete state.

So hopefully by end of April, I will be either done with the game or very close. Looking for a May-June release muahaha!

I haven’t forgotten about my other games, Wizards with Rockets and Sentience. However the less I focus on those, the closer this game will get to being released.. And that’d be awesome.

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