September – Launch Month 🚀

In August I took it easy and didn’t burn myself out. I made a good decision of launching two months after the game was in a playable state (but needed some fine tuning). So there was no rush.

A couple of major things done since last month:

  • Fixed the camera – so it moves more smoothly. People were saying that the camera was rather jerky and harsh. I though I smoothed the position, but the zoom scale wasn’t being smoothed. So both change with smoothing applied, and the effect looks a lot more tolerable to the eye.
  • I’ve added all the achievements to Steam. See image below of the achievement icons. I’ve almost got them all working in code as of this post, I just need to test them to make sure they all work. It was made quite easy thanks to a Godot addon: (no need to build Godot from scratch with Steam SDK built in it)
  • Probably fixed an issue when re-spawning – player would spawn in the ground. Resetting velocity I think fixes it?
  • Generally improved controls so no more weirdness, especially with analog sticks
  • Added amusing game-over sounds:
  • T-shirts! and other items available from RedBubble: Super important of course

Achievement icons:

The game is still set for Friday, 30th September 6PM (AEST/Hobart time). I am currently working on booking a venue. I have contacted a certain venue, but have not received a response yet. There will be a venue, (I have some fallback plans) don’t worry.

The remainder to-do list is getting a lot smaller.. Just forgot to get the stats page working, and finishing up the achievements. Then upload to Steam

I still want to do some more testing. I think I have at least one more chance to test the game, which I hope will be valuable.

Tas Jam

It’s awesome to see the return of Tas Jam, the local Tasmanian game jam events. It’s happening on 9-11 Sept at University of Tasmania Sandy Bay. I will be attending in some capacity. I guess I should try to make a game (I’ve historically been good at that) or just chill and volunteer being on the Tas Game Makers board. Event details:

Other Projects

I have lots of other projects on the go, and of course I’m already thinking what to do after Gravity Flux is released. My next game will likely be “Sentience” the 3rd person shooter for PC and mobile. It’s a story-driven game with levels made with Trenchbroom. I think I’m going to enjoy working on it. I have other non-games projects as well, like a custom music manager and player program for PC (Win/Mac/Linux) and a virtual pet electronic “toy” / health companion. Having experience with electronics, that should be lots of fun as well.

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