Gravity Flux is Out!

That’s the game on Steam!

Get it HERE (if you want):

The day is among us, where Gravity Flux is available to the world on Steam!

11 or so months in the making, with a fair bit of help and feedback from others (listed in the credits) it’s now available. I went through so many tasks on Todoist. Making and releasing games, even one like this that’s relatively small, is a big effort. It takes a while usually. Every published game you see out there is the product of countless hours. The things you do to entertain people.

Launch Party! 🎉

I felt I needed to have a launch party for the game, because, why not? It is a party game and lends itself well to people coming around for a party. But I also just wanted to celebrate this launch with people. Mainly my friends turned up, people who share an interest in game development and family and several others who seemed pretty keen to check it out.

The (free) event was allowed to start early, so I set up at 3PM and it went all the way to about 8:30PM (after the late pizzas). Reasonable turnout. People played the game, as well as ShapeVS on a separate machine. Some good feedback, people saying it was fun and well-made. Still finding bugs.. But the plan is to keep working on the game post-release.

At 6PM I did a brief speech, about the game, the inspiration for it, the design and a bit about how I made it. Then some more gaming, chats, then pizza finally arrived around 7:30pm. Some people just came briefly, which was cool, was nice to see everyone that came.

Kickstart Arts was a pretty decent venue, actually kinda perfect for this event for a few reasons. It had two screens, a projector for my game and a TV for ShapeVS. A bar kind of thing for the ample amount of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks I brought. The lighting was perhaps a little too bright for my laser light show projector I brought. Oh well, great excuse to buy it. Ample parking. A little tricky to find the entry, but everyone did without having to call me. The venue has a very “old school” vibe about it. Relaxed and rustic. While being upbeat and friendly. The venue organiser, Stefan was a great help and introduced me to the space very well. I hope to work with him and KSA again in the future for other stuff.

Anyway, here are the photos!

Going Forwards

The game development is not over! I have a few more game ideas in the works. Some may have heard of my game idea, Sentience, a 3rd person shooter/stealth game for mobile devices and PC (equally). You’ve just got to pick an idea and stick to it. And Wizards with Rockets, which I’m thinking I will just release on initially. Making games is something I like to keep doing if and when I’m available. It’s a good challenge and if I can help “inspire” people to make games in Tas that would be a nice thing. I’m always trying to help Tasmanians produce more games and tech products. No reason why Tasmania shouldn’t be known to be a tech isle.

Initially, a few bugs to work on for Gravity Flux but I may take a break from game dev for a little while to catch up on non-gamedev stuff, like electronics, web dev, planning workshops and talks, YouTube videos, and a software project I’m making. I have no shortage of projects to work on, that’s for sure. And I like that. Though sometimes you have to be careful how attached you get to projects at the same time.

Early Responses

Amazingly, I’ve had 3 streamers contact me, 1 games marketing company, and one game key giveaway prize organiser. Yeah, I’ll have to give the game away to people, but it doesn’t cost much so not much of a loss to me I guess? Some “promotion”? Probably a good thing. I suppose some people wish for these opportunities? I dunno 🤷‍♂️ I will tentatively investigate.

Thanks for reading!

Jump on it!

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