Quiet Jan 2023

Happy 2023

I had a nice, relaxing break with family and friends. Not much stress or dramas. I had some time to play games and work on my projects which is what I generally aim to do with my spare time.

December, being the busy/holiday month, I didn’t get a lot done on my games unfortunately. Gravity Flux was/is on sale on Steam for 50% off and sold a couple of units, woo.

I’m currently focusing on an electronics hardware project, a virtual pet that tracks your health. I’ve been building the electronics and case to 3D print. Won’t post too much about it here as this is mainly for my game development.


2023 Plans

So far I don’t have any solid plans for 2023. No games planning to be released. However I have a rough path forward for working on my games. The first priority is to get Steam Input API working in Gravity Flux. Then the game can officially support 8 gamepads of any type on Windows. As I originally intended.

There’s some possibilities for my next game, “Sentience” to have it’s development boosted. Local games company, Secret Lab are planning to host a games incubator for narrative games. Not sure any details about it just yet, but it sounds like it may “accelerate” the development of the game a little, which would be nice. (For context, Sentience is planning to be a 3D 3rd person shooter set in a Sci-Fi environment with somewhat of a narrative story).

I suspect my plans for 2023 will be ad-hoc, whatever I feel like doing. Which can set me up for slow progress if I don’t set goals. So I may have a think about what I aim to achieve, other than the above.

This is a shorter blog post, but I gotta make use of the website I’m paying for..

While last year I shipped a game, this year will hopefully be building on that milestone and at very least I hope to have some even more exciting game screenshots to show off!

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