March-April Update

I’m definitely losing some energy for my gamedev stuff, after hitting that last milestone of adding 8 player support to Gravity Flux for Windows. But I’ve been doing a few little things:

  • Added shadows to Wizards with Rockets
  • Learning Blender
  • Recorded a video of me making a model in Blender
  • Made a little new demo game for my “Sentience” game with Godot 4
  • Created a YouTube channel!

Shadows in Wizards with Rockets

Yep, as it looks. I am trying to speed up this game and get it released (at my own rate, no rush). So instead of my plan to do this sort of thing with shaders, I just used a simple semi-transparent sprite underneath the character. In C, I’m treating each C file like an object (My brain likes OOP a bit) so I’ve got a character_shadow.c and character_shadow.h file which handles drawing the little shadows on players. The files contain an array of positions where to draw the shadows.

Blender Stuff

I’ve been learning Blender from the course on Udemy from called “Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners“. It’s good. I think my learning style is different to this course-based learning but it’s thorough and fun.

I made this stuff:

The first chapter model

Just a little robot I made. Here’s the video I recorded:

Sentience in Godot 4

The next big game I’m working on is slowly in development. I had to upgrade to Godot 4 which needs a new Trenchbroom/Quake map loader, I used godot-tbloader. I also used a third person character controller from GitHub to control the player in the little demo world. I managed to get physics objects importing from the Trenchbroom level as well.

Here’s the demo:

YouTube Channel

Yep, I set up a YouTube Channel for Motley Pixels! Check it out, please subscribe!!

What’s next?

There’s a game jam, Linux Game Jam 2023 (May 27-June 6) which I am intending to participate in. This will set back my other gamed stuff, but I should push out a nice Linux game for the world. Yay.

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