Welcome to My New Site!

Hello, Leo here from Motley Pixels!

I am starting up a new site dedicated to my game dev stuff. I plan to show screenshots, GIFs, videos, technical posts, and more here.

As some may know, I’m currently working on at least two games.

Primarily Wizards with Rockets and Gravity Flux but also others. My plan is to make and release these games on Steam and maybe other commercial platforms.

About me:

I grew up with computers. I was fortunate that my Dad owned an Amiga 500 computer, which he let me use as a kid in the 90s. I quickly gravitated to Amiga BASIC where I had a lot of fun writing simple programs. In school and high school I did well in the Robocup competition. I later ultimately ended up doing a bachelor of computing at UTAS, specialising in the Games major. My final project was a 2D sidescroller which used a custom game engine. Since graduating, I have set the goal of continuing to work on and make games, and recently to release games on commercial platforms. I’ve released a few prototypes and game jam games on itch.io however these games are fairly simple and I do not plan to promote them.

Plans for 2022 and future:

I’m hoping that this year I will release Gravity Flux at least, but also aim to get Wizards with Rockets to a stage where I can do some internal testing, as opposed to releasing every build to the public. This is going to be a very interesting year for my game dev journey!


Gravity Flux

Wizards with Rockets

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