What’s Next Feb 2022

What Meow?

My main goal going forward is to release Gravity Flux on Steam!

I have completed most of the game to a satisfactory level. The graphics could be iterated some more, but I am keen to release a game for the sake of releasing a game, and I feel this is a perfect game for that. Something fairly simple, fun and unique.

The main things left to do:

  • A few map fixes where you can get stuck
  • The player/controller join menu
  • Settings menu in the main menu and in-game
  • Persistent player stats (per player colour)
  • Steam achievements

The main guts of the game have been made, now to just do the rest of the game.

Once I’m ready to release it I will post an announcement!

I’m super keen to release this game, but I’m also super keen to get back to work on Wizards with Rockets! I have re-shuffled my long list of priorities for the game. The current milestone is to add gamepad support. It works for controlling the player, next step is to get it controlling menus. After that.. Shaders! Allegro supports shaders and I am keen to add visual effects like lighting and shadows. Which will make for prettier GIFs to share..

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