Gravity Flux Testing

Jump Jump

As I may have mentioned, I plan to release Gravity Flux on Steam! But before that, I’m releasing some builds for people to test and help me find bugs/issues and suggestions.

You can download it for Windows, Linux and Mac here:

I’ve made some big changes since the last release. A new controller join menu, level select, and some UI tweaks to make the health bars more visible when there are many players.

So far I’ve had some great feedback from some Tas Game Makers members, including Michael H and Josh / Cheeseness ( Their feedback will be used to make the game better than I had planned!

Any additional feedback can be sent to me on my Discord server, there is a link within the game menu. So far I think I’ve found quite a lot of feedback that should keep me busy, but I am all ears to new feedback.

It’s hard to say a rough launch date, but I’m hoping in the next 6 months or so, it’ll be on Steam!

Some have asked about a Nintendo Switch port. I would like to see it on Switch but I don’t know how to get it there yet. I intend to investigate, but after the Steam release.

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