What’s Next June?

Oops! Forgot to do June’s post! I must set a reminder for next month! πŸ˜–

More slow progress since last post. I have been struggling with the old problem of juggling multiple projects and games to play.. But I think I’ve come to a solution, I’ll get to that!

I did say I was aiming to release Gravity Flux around now/July.. Probably not going to now but it’s still quite close to being finished. Just got those last tedious things to fix up like menus, Steam achievements and misc tweaks. Steam is going to be interesting.

An interesting development. I went to a friend’s place (My professional game developer friend Bruno R) and I showed the game (Gravity Flux), and he gave me the suggestion of adding some background particles to give a sense of the gravity. An excellent idea! So I worked on that as you can see in the title GIF.

For the next 2-4 weeks or so before next blog post, I will hopefully have finished the player stats menu in the main menu, which shows important stats per player colour. I thought I’d add this so that players can compare themselves to others. Player Blue might have 20 kills, but player Red might have 25! Here’s a preview of what I’ve done so far:

I am also going to be recording some gameplay footage soon, this weekend! Which will be used in the trailer. So that shows what stage I’m up to on the game.

Here’s my current remainder tasks:

That’s all! Not a huge mountain of work left to do really. Exciting times.

Oh and a last minute suggestion I’ve had was to have a post-game awards screen. So things like longest airtime, highest accuracy, etc. But not saved to file, just showing at the end of each round. I might add that if I’m feeling up to it.

Maybe by next blog post I’ll have a Steam page set up! πŸ˜‰

PS. Whoops forgot to say! I’ve come up with a time management tip.. It is to be “goal oriented” so rather than say alternate randomly between projects, I will stick to one project (or game I’m playing) at a time until I achieve a minor goal, for example finishing the player stats screen. So far that feels like a good way to use my time.

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