July – Gravity Flux on Steam and Steamworks Experience


Yes, Gravity Flux is now on Steam! (Available for wishlisting). It’s been a rather large effort getting to this stage. Getting the game ready to promote as a trailer, then jumping through the (not too difficult) hoops on Steamworks to get it ready for approval. And lo and behold, it got approved!?! Go wishlist it now!? https://store.steampowered.com/app/2072520/Gravity_Flux/

Steamworks Experience

I’m sure there are people pretty curious as to how the Steamworks experience is. Well I can give some rough details, it’s all under NDA so I can’t provide screenshots and such. But I’m sure it’s ok for me to explain some key steps.

  1. Registry – is pretty simple, all you need is a Steam account
  2. Application/game registry – As an Australian, you need to give evidence you’re not a US citizen living overseas, enter some tax stuff like TFN and photographic ID.
  3. Steamworks fee – this is US$100 per game/application. Sucks yeah, but I believe an actual human checks the game.
  4. Steam page setup – You’ll need to create some store and Steam library assets for the game. So any logos/promo banners you have (like Inkscape SVGs) will be required to be tweaked a little. I had an issue with approval as my logo didn’t have transparency. I fixed it and it was approved.
  5. Some other things like system requirements, description, set release date (required!), support info (contact details) and game icons.

Then once approved, they’ll let you press the “Set as coming soon” button to publish the page publicly.

Of course, I still need to submit a build of the game, they haven’t required me to submit one to put the page up yet. Which is fortunate, it lets me promote the game earlier.

What’s next

Still a fair bit of work to do on the game, but not too much. I’ve got to:

  • Fix the player stats functionality – currently a bit broken 😦
  • Fix an issue where 4 players were joining and one couldn’t join properly.
  • Steam achievements! Every good game has achievements. I’ll have to programatically add these.
  • And a few other small misc tweaks – nothing too hard.

I’m definitely going to have a launch party of some sort. Remember to join my Discord to be informed of when that will be! See the links page of this site.

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