August – Getting there.. 🔜

Gravity Flux

More work has been done in July

  • Added players jumping in the menu
  • Improved input system to add/remove buttons pressed into an array (best way to do it)
  • Made both 2D and 3D particles for MacOS and Windows/Linux respectively. Godot says that Macs don’t do 3D particle acceleration, so I’ll take their word for it and make the game switch between 2D and 3D particles depending on detected OS.
  • Fixed small bug where player kept moving (falling) when paused. Oops.

A few things left to do

  • Steam achievements! (many..)
  • Fix bug where one controller doesn’t work in controller join menu (need physical gamepads to test)

As soon as those are done, I”ll do some more real world testing then hopefully start the releasing process (exporting and uploading to Steam). Could be earlier than scheduled date of Sept 29, we’ll see..

Wizards with Rockets

This game (that I’ve been working on since 2018) has been mostly on pause since early this year, but I’m thinking how to progress with it after releasing Gravity Flux. The plan is to finish the game up quickly. Not adding new features like physics, scripting and shaders. It’s just going to take too long and I want to learn a new programming language and graphics framework. Plus I’ve been feeling a little burned out from it being a long-term project that’s getting little progress.. Oh well, I’ve learned plenty about C.

So the plan is to make WWR 2, using C++ and SDL! Not too ambitious, no! I plan to get better at CMake as well. So I can just build on any platform with ease. I’ve chosen C++ over Rust, as I think it’s important to know C++ well in my profession (software developer), and Rust is still fairly new. C++ isn’t going away any time soon. I’ve heard about the new Carbon programming language, designed to be a successor to C++, we’ll see. It may take some time to achieve that. Still keen to learn Rust well at some point, but perhaps learning C++ will only make learning Rust more satisfying, from what I’ve heard. And SDL because it’s pretty popular and well known, an industry standard. A little more complex than Allegro by the looks, but still not absurdly complex with boilerplate (Hello OpenGL/Vulkan). Then I’ll have the fun of incorporating other features, like map loader, physics, networking, etc. Add all the libraries!


I’m very excited to work on the next big game after Gravity Flux. It’s going to be a 3rd person action/stealth game for mobile devices and PC. I want to make a decent first-person shooter one day. This won’t be it but it’ll be similar, and less advanced. Perhaps a prequel.

I’ve given Sentience a bit of thought recently, and I have some neat ideas for it, some I want to keep secret until I’ve gotten close to releasing it. I’m going heavy with story and world building for what it is, and it will be a very art and story driven game, which will be an interesting challenge for me. I see some Blender tutorials in my future. I’m super keen to start work on it and show screenshots of my progress. I hope to get started right after Gravity Flux is released.

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